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We Train International Doctors

International Doctors

KT Training is known for training global doctors due to a number of key factors:

Ms Khan is a global marketer and have guided international doctors, surgeons, dermatologist and dentists on how to market medical aesthetic services in their country. We also select products from global manufacturers to facilitate ease of accessing supplies in the international market.

We are located on Harley Street, a world renown medical brand. The Harley Street Logo on the certificate is recognised by international elite and mainstream patients as a prestige accreditation and will differentiate the trainee’s aesthetic practice in their local market.

The level of training is far superior to what is provided in the international market including Canada and the United States.

Eligibility of Acceptance for medical aesthetic training in the United Kingdom.

Doctors, Surgeons, Dermatologists and Dentists must possess a valid medical license to be trained by KT Training.

What products are used in the training:

Muscle Relaxants- we use Botox® but Xeomin can be substituted for Botox®

Allergan, the maker of Botox® is a global company so international doctors should investigate before the training if Allergan (Botox®) or Mertz Pharma (Xeomin®) has a distributor in their country of origin.

Dermal Fillers

Juvedrem and Surgiderm XP and Voluma® are used and the product is manufactured by Allergan

Chemical Peels-Neostrata and Skin Tech are used.

Neostrata is a global brand but Skin Tech is not so international doctors may have to purchase products in the UK and transport to their country of origin.

Derma Roller- Medik8 derma roller is used so any substitute can be used instead of this roller.

Can doctors purchase products in the United Kingdom to take back to their country of origin?

Yes, with a valid medical license, doctors and dentists can purchase products at identified pharmacies and transport to their country of origin. This policy may exclude the drug Botox®

Will KT Training support foreign doctors once the training is completed?

Yes, with the advent of skype we can speak to foreign doctors and help with local market issues.

KT Training works with foreign doctors in the same way as they do with local practitioners. If the practitioner has experience a technique issue, a photograph of the patient is sent to us by email; we advise all practitioners to take photographs of all patients before a treatment to help us to identify the problem. All photo of the patient is reviewed by one of our trainer to determine the technique problem and we will provide solutions of how to correct problems with all procedures we train on.

If an adverse event exist, we will advise accordingly but this problem rarely occurs since the products are safe and predictable. If the recommended products are switched with less expensive local products, the practitioners should review clinical papers and ensure the product is safe to treat the patient.

Do we provide marketing advice to foreign doctors?

Yes, the company is familiar with most international market and it cultural difference so we advice on how to compete and outperform competitors regardless of their specialty.