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Prodigy Program

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Non surgical clinicians today have to be more skilled than their colleagues who started 10 years earlier to achieve commercial success. The industry is more competitive with more suppliers of medical aesthetic treatmetns than available patients wanting to pay full price for a particular treatment.

Patients are very astute and are willing to pay a premium price only if the clinician is multi-skilled and is able to recommend a bespoke treatment plan which will improve his/her total appearance. Therefore we recommend all new clinicians to engage in the Prodigy Program which will provide the clinician with skills to assess and treat the face holistically and satisfy the customer. To create and improve one’s beauty, the clinician has to be multidisciplinary.

The Prodigy courses are:

  • Chemical Peel and Skin Care
  • Muscle Relaxants for upper face
  • Dermal Fillers for Upper and Lower Face
  • Derma Roller and Skin Hydration Therapy