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Dermaroller Training

Unlike the BOTOX and Volumizing courses such as dermal fillers, the dermaroller training is different because the procedure improves the skin’s appearance. Combined with skin hydration technique, the outcome is anti-ageing and improves skin health.

The objective of this course is to train Medical Professionals the technique using micro needling to treat a range of skin conditions including wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, scars , cellulite and more.

You will be learning the micro needling technique including advice on how to include this treatment into your present menu of services . This treatment can stand alone and can be combined with Chemical Peels to dramatically improve all skin health and skin problems. Derma Roller is a cost effective way of keeping the skin healthy and stimulated creating a uniform and thicker epidermis. This treatment is ideal for all age group and provides predictable improvements for the skin. While the Derma Roller Treatment increases the thickness of the skin through cellular stimulation, Skin Hydration Therapy for the face improves the hydration and health of the skin. The combination of the two treatments are ideal for all demographic. The treatment is cost effective and recession proof.

Group bookings or bespoke course attendees may also consider mesotherapy and chemical peel courses to learn a wide range of skin care solutions during the practical workshop.

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