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Chemical Peels

This is one of the most beneficial course a clinician can take. Our course is designed to teach you two types of peels so it is intensive. KT Training provide online pre and post course e learning modules that will benefit candidates who do not have a dermatology or skin related specialty.

This online course will teach candidates about:

  • Skin anatomy and structure
  • The types of skin peels
  • Overview of the peel system protocols
  • Skin care products and protocols
  • Promoting chemical peels treatments

Candidates can also download essential documents and reference information from their online account before and after the training day.

On the day, you will be learning the theory, application, and protocols of delivering:

  • Glycolic Peels theses are superficial with minimal downtime and can also be applied to treat minor skin problems.
  • TCA Peels is a medium depth peel for severe skin damage and skin problems.
  • Bespoke skin health programs.

All course attendees will participate in the practical session which provides patients assessment, peel selection and application of he chemical peels.

To learn more about chemical peels please visit the KT downloads page<< to review the published article. The article reviews the types of peels, skin typing, photo aging and more.

To enrol on one of the chemical peel courses contact us to discuss your training options.

Group bookings or bespoke course attendees may also consider mesotherapy and dermaroller courses to learn a wide range of skin care solutions during the practical workshop.

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