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Botox Training-Cosmetic Injection Course

Prodigy Botox Training for UK Registered and Non UK Registered Doctors and Dentists

Providing BOTOX cosmetic treatment is one of many skills a clinician will needs to create optimum treatments results for today’s cosmetic patient. Our courses are designed to teach you the best techniques facilitated by skilled trainers. Candidates are engaged in intensive practical training to learn how to assess faces based on age, anatomy, ethnicity, gender, maturity and lifestyle. The technical session is complimented with a business lecture that shows new candidates how to get started and regain his/her investment.

This course teaches attendees to treat the forehead, glabellar and peri orbital lines with botulinum toxins.

The training includes:

  • Online lectures by industry experts. These include the Introduction to Botulinum Toxins theory with Dr Sotirios (cosmetic surgeon) and The Introduction to Medical Aesthetics with Yasmin author and consultant for medical aesthetics clinics.
  • Online reviews, tests and resources with your complimentary elearning courses. These are available before and after your workshop
  • Hands on injection training supervised by our experts.
  • Recognised certification on completion of your course.

Additional resources for candidates enrolling on this course include:

  • Complimentary Cosmetic Clinic Development Course
  • Complementary BOTOX Core Knowledge Elearning Course
  • Review lectures and theory modules as often as required
  • Clinical and business templates to download and use for your clinic
  • Workshops held in the UK

Please note non UK registered medical professionals are covered to practice on patients during our workshops. To practice independently in the UK you will require registration with the UK medical governing bodies (GMC and GDC).