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Lip and Hyaluronidase

Lip Augmentation Master Class Including Pain Management and Hyaluronidase.

The lip master class is a dedicated lip augmentation course. This includes the science and injection techniques for lip enhancements in facial rejuvenation. The artistry of lip augmentation is invaluable since beautiful lips add sensuality to all faces. Conversely, a poorly treated lip treatment can distort the face. Assessment and technique are critical to perfecting this procedure.

As part of the course, we include pain management and the use of hyaluronidase which is used to remove dermal filler mistakes especially in lip procedures.

While lip enhancement is covered in the Prodigy dermal filler courses, this course will advance your knowledge and injection technique for this specialist procedure.

Practical lip augmentation injection time

Group bookings or bespoke course attendees may also consider the master classes or advanced courses to learn a wide range of solutions during the practical workshop.

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